Turkey's Team since 2008 as Yoyuncak

with our products on all four sides and in various countries

we serve. Our industry beginnings are at the beginning

Even though it is only production,

by following our toys which are our own production

and by adding new businesses to our structure with our playgrounds

we continue on our way.

Safe, high quality and cost effective game play

to design, implement and bring the fields to life;

To comply with the business programs we have agreed with our customers,

While performing all these, YOYUNCAK employees

Our biggest mission is to support career development.

In the sector, Turkey's number one

gaming machines manufacturer and operator

be. With its service and product quality,

to ensure continuity as their first choice.

Education, health, environment and history in our country

more conscious by protecting our values

to contribute to the formation of society.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.